Herpetology Laboratory' Bangladesh (HL'B)

Herpetology Laboratory' Bangladesh (HL'B) is a non-profit organization. Our work is performed by a cluster of dedicated volunteers, mainly young people. All our lab members are self-funding - working from passion and self-motivation. We are dedicated to improving herpetological knowledge and conservation.

Our organization is also working to improve research capacity on some colleges in less developed areas of Bangladesh. HL'B was established to increase research capacity, improve conservation knowledge and develop rural talent in herpetology among underprivileged young people. One achievement of HL'B has been the establishment of a Herpetology museum. Named the "HL'B Museum, Ichamati College" it is located on a rural college in the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. It is maintained by the Zoology Department of Ichamati College and HL'B members.

Moreover, HL'B is spreading conservation values and research ideas among youth and amateurs throughout the Global village. Several young people from different countries are working with us. To continue our work, we need your support and assistance too...

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